The story so far

People are the heart of Syracuse. This project is for you.

Our vision is simple – to create a new, dynamic and vibrant space for everyone in the community to call their own. The !melk + Cecil Balmond team will deliver a world-class public space and art that reflects the needs and wants of the Syracuse community.

The City of Syracuse initiated an open competition in December of 2014, and after a shortlist and public presentation, ! melk + Cecil Balmond had the honor of being selected as the winner of the commission to redesign of the former One Lincoln Center Plaza/Perseverance Park site.

This project builds upon the revitalization efforts of private individuals and developers, the City of Syracuse and the Downtown Committee of Syracuse. During the course of the 20th Century, Downtown Syracuse lost significant rich and historic texture to demolition and Urban Renewal era projects. Private initiatives like the redevelopment of Armory Square and public infrastructure projects such as the Connective Corridor seek to heal these scars and begin to weave back together the urban fabric that is necessary for a vibrant downtown landscape.

The project site, located on South Salina Street between Washington and Fayette Streets, is at the center of a constellation of public spaces, including the “historic center” of Clinton and Hanover Squares to the north, the “civic center” of Columbus Circle to the southeast, and the new “entertainment center” around Armory Square to the southwest. Another defining component of this urban network is Salina Street itself, Syracuse’s historic “Main Street”.

The site is an echo of its former vitality, underutilized and devoid of community presence. However, there is now an opportunity to create a new public space on this historically important block of South Salina Street. Syracuse’s next great urban space will be a civic and cultural destination that will breathe new life and identity into the heart of Downtown.